After curing myself of being a fatty and ex smoker for a few years, I'd learned of Simon's truly bespoke coaching services and wanted to get on board for 2014. I was fed up of just "playing" and taking duff advice about correct training and wanted to do things properly.  Never being one to make people's lives easy though, my son was born in February and I wanted to see how parenthood panned out.

So just 20 weeks out from IM Wales 2014 I got on board properly with Simon. Things were a boon, within a few short weeks, I was breaking PBs in running that I had held from my pre smoking days. In Ironman Wales 2013 I came off the bike with terrible ITBS which caused me to walk the marathon. When I saw my physio the week before IM Wales 2014 she was shocked to see that the imbalanced weaknesses had been corrected completely.

That's the best thing about Simon's approach I think it deals with your personal weaknesses and not a one size fits all approach. I went into Wales this year with a Cold with a less than ideal 8 weeks block because of work and parenting, and still took 2 hours 19 minutes off my previous years time (from 16 hours 1 min down to 13 hours 42 mins - race number 857) .

I think the best testimonial I can give Simon however is that I am continuing to use him as my coach through my targets next year (Audax SR, Audax RRtY, Half Iron Offroad Duathlon, IM Mallorca 2015) and the year after (Double Brutal).

There are many "coaches" out there, then there is Simon with his bespoke #smarterNOTlonger approach.

Dan Morgan - Multiple Ironman finisher, Bridgend South Wales

I was given Simon's details from a friend that had been coached by Simon after I explained that I was struggling to make any improvements with my riding and told that he would be able to transform me. I was new to cycling and it's too easy to read the Internet forums and generic magazine pullouts promising you that it will make you quicker, but in essence I was going about riding all the wrong way.

 Initially I thought that the whole concept of training around 6-8 hours a week was crazy and the reason I wasn't getting quicker and my endurance was poor was down to lack of miles. After a good chat with Simon and I explained a bit about me and what I was trying to achieve I then dropped the bombshell in that I have had a heart attack , Simon took this in his stride and was amazed how he wasn't  phased about my problems and actually looked forward to helping me............

 ....A quick trip down the M4 saw me in Simon's studio and I was amazed at the level  of detail that we went into on the full assessment , not only did it highlight my weaknesses but also showed me what I am good at and how working on both my strengths and weaknesses would make me a better rider. I was a bit disappointed with some of my results and in particular my functional threshold power, but Simon explained the importance of this and the actual impact on me whilst riding, then reassured me that this will change with the bespoke coaching programme!

 The training plan was easy and simple and fitted in with work and family commitments and has seen me develop into a significantly stronger rider. There are no gimmicks and training at the correctly calculated intensity was the key. I have seen significant improvements in my riding from little training that fits in with work and life. It's hard to believe it is that simple.

 I have gone from being one of the last on sportives to a solid silver standard and not far off gold times now and have put on between 3-4 mph average increase on my rides and I'm riding a lot more hills with ease.

 Simon completely opened my eyes to how training correctly should be done and I even refer back to my full assessment notes to look at ways of getting the most from my training even though I am no longer following a programme, having completed my initial 16 week bespoke block. This highlights that Simon's coaching is about educating you and continues to bring big results if done correctly long after your time with him has finished.

I wouldn't hesitate recommending the services that Simon provides as not only is he very professional but treats every client as an individual and actually understands how to get the best from you providing you are prepared to take the advice.

 Alex Whitehall – Royal Wotton Bassett, UK.

"I decided to undertake the IronmanUK event back in November 2012. I was a little worried as although I thought I was fit… I had never even undertaken a triathlon before, I could not swim more than 25 lengths in the pool, the longest bike ride I had ever done was 60 miles (ave. 14mph) and I had not run more than 10 miles in 4 years.

I was recommended Simon through a colleague of mine. So I booked myself in for the initial "Baseline Assessment" that did literally take all day! It covered every conceivable test that you could think of and the Electronic Body Composition Analysis certainly made for some interesting results. I was quite surprised how unfit I actually was! It also picked up on all the strength and other imbalances/weaknesses I had. Also, with the Bike fit and peddling efficiency analysis that was included, again I was surprised how wrong I had been previously training. No more stomping on the pedals!

From this point on, Simon put my mind at rest, gave me lots of encouragement and promised that if I stuck to the plan and followed the changes in diet, training and most importantly rest, I would be more than ready for any challenge put before me.  

Over the coming months with following the plan and having guidance from Simon along the way, I could start seeing dramatic improvements across every aspect of the cardiovascular, core, weights and flexibility sessions that Simon incorporated within my training plan that were all specifically tailored for me.


The outcome after just 30 weeks of working with Simon was a placing of 250 out of 1800 at the IronMan UK event in Botlon with a time of 11:38. 

If I look back at the start I would have been expecting the following: Swim: 2:00, Bike 8:00, Run 5:00. Total time 15:00. 

But with working with Simon I managed: Swim: 1:14, Bike: 6.09 (ave. 18.2), Run 4:02.  Now that's an improvement! 

Obviously it takes dedication from yourself to execute the learnings that Simon gives you, but without the foundations and bespoke plan, there is no way in this world I would be where I am today. He is the "Obi-wan" of sports performance and nutrition coaching!"

Antony Peart

1st time successful sub 12 hour Ironman finisher

Milton Keynes, UK

" I initially heard about Simon and his "smarter NOT longer" training methods while receiving treatment for an injury two years ago which had prevented me from running for a number of months.  I decided to contact him to see if he would be able to help me recover to the point where I would be able to start to run again, and then work on improving my performance.

I met with Simon and discussed my injury and what I was hoping to achieve.  I booked a baseline performance assessment in which I, surprisingly, scored quite well.  Following this I started training with Simon twice per week.  

Within 6 weeks I had resumed running and substantially increased my performance in numerous exercises, these included considerably increasing the weight I could leg press up to a 1 rep maximum of 8.5 times my body weight!  I can also now dead lift over twice my body weight and squat  nearly 3 time my body weight.  

As a woman I was also pleased to find that my body shape improved no end, although I may now need to buy some new clothes – what a chore!!  I’ve also found that my running endurance has been regained in very few sessions but with a lower heart rate than before.   I’m confident that within a short period of time from being unable to run without considerable pain, I will be able to run further and faster than ever before, but with less effort.  I’m looking forward to entering some events in the next few weeks and I’m certain I will achieve new personal bests at all distances.

I’d recommend Simon for anyone wishing to improve their overall fitness and performance and also be prepared to be pleasantly surprised at the improvements to your body shape, an added bonus". Having worked with Simon for 12 months now, I am pleased to report that I have not suffered a single injury during this time and in the last couple of months alone have won 2 age cat endurance events whilst undertaking less than half the amount of weekly miles I used to train before my #smarterNOTlonger journey with Simon began.

Mrs Carolyn Thomas, age 48, Club runner, all round endurance athlete and multiple race winner under our coaching. Aberdare, Wales

If you think, or have been told using weights will make you bulky and slow then take a look at the effects of 12 weeks of @bodybullet strength training on the 2012 Miss Teen Galaxy, Fallon Robinson of Aberdare. 

When Fallon's baseline assessment was undertake with us she was barely able to leg press 75kg.  In this video you will see her leg pressing 250 kg (nearly 5 times her body weight) along with an impressive level of core strength developed from an inability to hold the blank for just 30 seconds on the floor during her baseline assessment. 

Having watched this do you still think structured, sport or event specific strength training will make you bulky and slow?


Just imagine how these sorts of gains could improve your endurance speed, strength and power whilst considerably reducing your chances of picking up over use injuries.