Any endurance sport that requires long periods of repeated muscular contractions undoubtedly places huge strain on ones body. 

As a result most amateur sports participants who have no access to regular massage and physiotherapy treatments  leave themselves open to all sorts of potential problems that could prove very expensive to rectify, both from a financial and time point of view.

However most problems associated with the demands placed on the body from endurance events are totally preventable through pro-active work, that in as little as 2 sessions a week can strengthen/lengthen key areas of the body to prevent these problems arising in the first instance.

Typical unidentified physiological conditions that could lead to injuries include:

  • Coronal strength imbalances
  • Core stability issues
  • Flexibility issues
  • Connective tissue weakness
  • Chronic fatigue through over-training
  • Incorrect bike set up especially Time Trial position
  • Diet (Too much of certain foods cause joint inflammation)
By undertaking a complete physiological assessment with you, we will able to identify any areas of your body where weaknesses are present, that left uncorrected will almost certainly lead to injuries, that without great financial and time expenses on your behalf could force to you give up the sport your love most.

Our sport specific physiological and nutrition assessments start from  just £150 and includes a comprehensive written report of your results.

Contact us today to book and set yourself towards the path of years of injury free enjoyment of your sport.

After all what price can be put on considerably cutting down on your risk of injuries for the rest of your sporting participation life?

Don't be one of those athletes that try to correct niggling pains through various supports and braces which often make the problem worse.  Instead discover the problems within your body and take the appropriate (often quite simple) actions to address the rather than mask the causes of the pain before the small problems turn into something major.

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